Past Events

Heartstrings & Harmony 2015

Heartstrings and Harmony A Concert Benefitting Shanti Orange County Saturday - October 17, 2015 VIP Reception 6:00-7:00pm Concert 7:00-9:00pm For More Information Call: (949) 452-0888 View Flyer Watch Our Video Faces of Shanti Become a Sponsor and Support The Local Community Download - Heartstrings Concert Sponsorship Form Thank You to Our [...]

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Heart-Strings & Harmony 2014

Thank you to everybody that supported and participated in our hugely successful Heart-Strings and Harmony 2014 ensemble. View Program Brochure Special Thanks to Norooz Clinic The Norooz Clinic was a generous sponsor of the event and recorded the concert in its entirety. Sit down, relax, and click here to experience this beautiful concert from a [...]

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2011 Shanti-Chemerinsky Event

Shanti-Chemerinsky Fundraiser Public Address 2011: Equality and the Courts An In-depth speech was delivered, vital questions were asked, thoughtful answers were given and, lastly, a standing ovation was shared across the audience for Professor Erwin Chemerinsky’s Equality and the Courts presentation hosted by Shanti Orange County.

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Mx. Caring Heart 2019

Orange County’s Inclusive Drag Pageant