Our Mission

Shanti Orange County strengthens the health and wellbeing of Orange County residents in need through individualized, culturally sensitive, and life affirming mental health services, community outreach, and supportive services for those affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases

Shanti Services

Shanti offers services for people living with chronic disease, including HIV/AIDS.  Services include Mental Health therapy (individual, couples, or group), Case Management and connection to community resources such as transportation, housing, financial aid, and connection to medical and pharmacy resources.  We offer extensive educational seminars specializing in a variety of topics related to living with chronic disease including HIV/AIDS.

What does “Shanti” mean and why was Shanti Orange County chosen as your name?

Charles Garfield, the founder of the Shanti model in San Francisco in 1974 used the word Shanti, meaning “inner peace” in Sanskrit, to describe the model of volunteerism providing emotional support and assistance to people living with life- threatening illnesses. Our founders patterned our agency after this Shanti model, the first of its kind.

If I make a donation to Shanti, how will my donation will be used?

We are proud to report that 89 percent of Shanti Orange County’s annual budget goes directly toward running our programs. Your donation can be designated to a specific program or as a general donation to support all of our programs. Please visit the Donate to Shanti page for more information.

You are not alone!

We are just a phone call away! We are glad to meet with you to assess your needs and discuss different options for support and help you navigate through our community of care.

Who is eligible to receive these services?

Mental Health Counseling

Our dedicated mental health team of doctoral level therapists provide treatment for a variety of conditions, including living with a chronic disease such as HIV/AIDS. Shanti Orange County is able to work with some insurance companies. We also accept private pay, and have reduced fees available when necessary. Please call to inquire about insurance coverage, benefits, and fees.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 949-452-0888 or email counseling@shantioc.org.

Case Management

HIV/AIDS Case management services are free of charge to anyone living in Orange County living with HIV/AIDS. For questions or to schedule an appointment please call 949-452-0888 or email casemanagement@shantioc.org.

Case managers will assist you with:

  • Linkage to Medical Care
  • Specialty Pharmacy Services
  • Mental Health Services

Seminars and Workshops

Shanti offers seminars and workshops on a variety of health-related and life management topics.

Education and seminars include:

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